Conference Interpretation (English–French–Spanish)

Conference Interpretation (English–French–Spanish)

Our conference interpreters are qualified and experienced professionals who cover national and international conferences on a wide variety of subjects. A list of our major clients and conferences is available on request. Languages include French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic…

QUALITY OF INTERPRETATION: Appropriate terminology and concise verbal expression are the main bases of our service. We offer the following types of interpretation:

  • Simultaneous
  • Consecutive
  • Whispering
  • Tour guide

As members of professional associations, our interpreters are bound by professional ethics, including confidentiality. Furthermore, our conference interpretation equipment provides the best working conditions for interpreters.

RATES: Interpreter rates are based on the number of days, the number of interpreters, the number of languages and the venue of the event. Our daily rate per interpreter is typically in the region of 175,000 – 275,000 cfa (350 – 550 US$) excluding subsistence allowances. Rates may vary; please contact us.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: As soon as we receive all the details of the event, we will provide our costing proposal. We will confirm our participation only when the client has formally confirmed their order/request.  Payment for interpretation services are done in line with professional standards: In some cases, a 50% deposit is required within 1 month of the end of the event/conference.

NB: we request that clients send us full details (agenda, speeches, literature…) on the event well in advance.