Each year, since 1999, we organise, with our partners in Britain/USA/Canada, a Language Holiday/Summer School (July/August) for youngsters (secondary/university students) who go to Britain/USA in a group or individually to spend a few weeks. This programme is organised as follows:


In Britain , students live in a chosen city and excursions are organised to other cites such as: London , Oxford , Brighton , Canterbury , Folkestone, Cambridge .
In the USA , several destinations are possible: Florida , California , New York , Minnesota …

ACTIVITIES: Excursions, English lessons, Tourism, Leisure, Discovery, Games, Guided Visits, Sports…

DURATION: 3 or 4 weeks (parents decide). More than 4 weeks also possible.

DEPARTURE: Usually mid-July. Other times on request.

ACCOMMODATION: British/American Host Families or Dormitory, as parents decide. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended that children below 12 years should live in a dormitory.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Early June (The registration deadline must be respected, for the visa to be obtained in time)

PROGRAMME FEE : The fee for this programme depends on the number of weeks (3 or 4 weeks or more as decided by parents), the choice of accommodation (Host Family or Dormitory) and the age. The exact programme fee is published in March each year. Contact us.

REGISTRATION FEE : 75.000fcfa to be paid to us for registration, thereby starting the process.
N.B : We cannot guarantee 100% that visas will be obtained. The decision to issue a visa is taken by the Consul based on documents (especially financial) submitted and the visa interview.

In case of visa refusal , programme fees already paid will be refunded less administrative fees. The registration fee (75.000 fcfa) is not refundable. We do not produce forged documents !!! Any forged documents presented in the visa application will result in a visa refusal.